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Big Sean x Wiz Khalifa Takeover Central Park

Posted by J. Block | Posted in Justin's Archive | Posted on 26-07-2011

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After letting loose a handful of tracks from their upcoming collaboration mixtape with Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean swam onto a rainy Central Park Summerstage concert last night. The two were making the New York City stop on Wiz’s Rolling Papers U.S tour. Performing for a drenched crowd of young I-don’t-give-a-fucks, their playful music and personalities guided a night of partying and passing out in Central Park. Hit the jump for a full recap.

Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa are making the most popular party hip-hop today, and as performers, they try and liven everybody up through wild dance moves and lots of energy. On stage, Sean’s presence is diminished due to his small stature and even smaller voice; he’s not the most impressionable live MC. In fact, with all the high-pitched cracking in his voice, it’d be easy to believe that Big Sean hadn’t gone through puberty yet. At some points during the show, he sounded like a kid at a high school party rapping along to whatever is coming out of the iPod speakers.

His stage movement is the wildest I’ve ever seen out of a rapper. He flails his limbs in every direction, but somehow always manages to keep his mic in front of his face. He’s basically a whacky arm flailing inflatable tube man in rapper form. Big Sean also made sure to let everyone in the crowd know that he loved sex, and was a very horny small man. I’ve never seen a rapper fuck the air harder in my entire life. Every few bars he gave a series of waist thrusts, never letting the space in front of him catch a rest.

Big Sean’s set consisted of a nice balance of mixtape and album tracks. It was great to see him run through classics like “Supa Dupa Lemonade” and “Too Fake” while also mixing in stand-out album cuts like “I Do It,” “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay,” and “High.” Surprisingly, “Supa Dupa Lemonade” got the most die-hard response out of his whole set—much of the crowd knew that freestyle word-for-word. As a rapper, Big Sean uses his voice and personality so well in his music—he always injects his own charisma into his voice. Playing a big outdoor venue somewhat sapped him of his voice, but his big personality and fun-loving spirit still shined through during his set.

Wiz Khalifa’s set had a very similar, albeit, uh, hazier atmosphere. Looking out at the crowd, you’d think that hundred of manholes were steaming out. The types of people that show up in mass to Wiz Khalifa concerts are degenerates known as “Taylors.” They show out in their camo shorts, chucks and Wiz Khalfia branded tank tops, and their women come out with straightened hair, a healthy orange skin tone, and booty shorts to show off all that chunk and cellulite. This one boy (who looked like Chunk from “The Goonies”) was wearing a camouflage high socks, homemade jean shorts, and a wife beater—the icing on his entire ensemble was his blonde Wiz Khalifa stripe in his hair. It’s a shame that the rain washed out his $5 blonde hair-dye.

Despite all of the degenerates, Wiz Khalifa concerts are always a fun time. Wiz also dances like a whacky arm flailing inflatable tube man, but his movements are much slower and somewhat calculated. He’s limber and loose like an octopus, and all the “Thriller” moves he does are paying off. Not really, but his dancing is still incredibly funny and entertaining to just watch.

I had last seen Wiz at the Best Buy Theatre back in November, and I have to say, I enjoyed that set way more. Back in November, he played cuts off Deal Or No Deal like “This Plane,” Hit Tha Floor” and “Chewy,” plus slower (and tripper) Kush & Orange Juice tracks like “Good Dank” and “Up.” All of those songs were swapped out for more recent material from Cabin Fever and Rolling Papers. The hard, gritty, aggressive ignorance of Cabin Fever‘s “Gangbang” and “Taylor Gang” was welcome, but the Top 40 rap-pop of Rolling Papers put me to sleep. “Taylor Gang” sent the park into an ignorant frenzy, and was the highlight of his set. Those Lexus Luger beats man…

Oh, and the lovely Amber Rose did make an appearance. She stood side stage the entire show, doing her little two-step and shake. Wiz did bring her on stage for a few moments. Thankfully, her box was spared. There was no eating of the box through her pants on this stage. A quick kiss and a handful of ass was all Wiz grabbed before she left the spotlight. Soon thereafter Wiz joined her, ending the show with the Taylor Gang favorite “Ink My Body.”

This entire concert and recap is overshadowed by what Jeezy did to the Highline Ballroom only an hour after Wiz had left the stage. Smh…

These are the first videos in a new wave of media for BB. Stefan recently got a Canon Rebel T3i, so our photos and footage will be shot professionally, and edited together into condensed, shorter videos. The only thing stopping us are security guards and event codes on cameras. Bleh. The videos below were shot by Nick Brown on a Canon Rebel T2i, and edited by Adam Block (with myself directing his mouse clicks) in Final Cut Pro. No more iPhone 4 footage and videos for BB. We do SLRs x Newhouse students out here bitch. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

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