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J. Cole Hits The Road And Drops A New Track

NYC! You’ll finally be able to catch a full J. Cole set. Despite the fact that I’ve been in the spot, I’ve missed my two chances to catch a J. Cole set. I missed his set at J&R in August when I met him, and NJ Transit/the MTA caused me to miss his opening set at Jay-Z/Eminem. Snoop...

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Drake x Migos—”Versace” Remix

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Early bird gets the worm. While North America was sleeping, Drake let four new songs go on his SoundCloud, and announced that his 3rd studio album, Nothing Was The Same, will drop on September 17th. Out of the four, two songs really stood out to me. First, “The Motion” is apparently off of Nothing Was The Same. It features vocals from Sampha, and is a nice atmospheric track. I can all ready see white-girls singing the hook to it all summer.

The second track, and the one I’m currently seizing over, is Drake’s remix of Migos‘ “Versace” AKA the hottest track south of the Mason-Dixon line. From now on, if you talk/text/tweet to me, I’m only responding with: “VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE…. VERSACE.”

Hit the jump for the other two tracks. One is a Drake feature over OVO collaborator PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Over Here,” and the other is a Drake x J. Cole freestyle.

Drake—”Girls Love Beyonce” Feat. James Fauntleroy

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After DJ Khaled let go “No New Friends”—a track that Drake gave Khaled for his upcoming album, Suffering From Success, Drake followed up with some new new of his own. Considering that “No New Friends” was whack outside of Drake’s verse and the immaculate Future outro, “Girls Love Beyonce” is Drake doing right. It’s a classic “I’m sensitive and insecure so I need that someone to hold me down” Drake song. I feel like we’ve had about three albums worth of this kind of material already, but it’s still a cool track. 40 samples the Destiny’s Child classic “Say My Name,” and James Fauntleroy (probably the most known unknown singer/songwriter in R&B and hip-hop) provides the hook and some backing vocals to give the beat some smooth detail. Stream and download below.

We actually heard a skeleton of this song as early as 2011, when Drake was performing a “Say My Name” cover during his shows. If you listen closely, you can hear 40’s sample. Kind of wish Drake had done the hook himself for “Girls Love Beyonce,” given how tender young Aubrey’s voice is here.

Drake — 5AM In Toronto [Prod. Boi-1da]

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I think Miss Info best described this new Drake “freestyle”:

Produced by Boi-1da & Vinylz.


DOWNLOAD: “5AM In Toronto”

Kendrick Lamar — Poetic Justice (Music Video) Feat. Drake

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Kendrick Lamar lets loose his newest video for “Poetic Justice”, a single from good kid m.A.A.d. city featuring Drake.

Breaking Down Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” Video Through Screenshots

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The video for “Good Kush and Alcohol” “Bitches Love Me” “Love Me” featuring Drake and Future dropped today. In a world where every rap music video is purposely dark so people comment on the Illuminati status of the rapper in question. Basically, directors Anthony Mandler and Collin Tilley have ruined everything. But here’s what the video came down to:

First off, Drake for Prom King 2013.

*drops x-pill in the shark tank*

Illuminati or X-Men character?

X-Men. But you should probably get that checked out.

wayneeyesNo seriously, go to a doctor. You look like someone straight out of “Contagion.”

Hit the jump to see the concluding explanations.

Lil’ Wayne — Love Me (Music Video) Feat. Future & Drake

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Lil’ Wayne lets loose a Valentine’s Day present in the form of a music video for his latest single, “Love Me”, alongside Future & Drake.

Drake’s Perfect Valentine’s Day

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I might wear this mask tonight.

I might wear this mask tonight.

Inspired by Pigeons and Planes’ post on how Drake spent his birthday, we’re taking a look at how Drake’s going to be spending Valentine’s Today. After all, the “Shot For Me” crooner probably has a busy schedule today. Let’s break it down, hour-by-hour.

7:00 AM
Drake wakes up. He’s got his first Zumba class in an hour, and he wants to be prompt. Everyone is probably expecting him to pull some I Show Up When I Want rapper shit, but he’s trying to make a good impression on his first day. He’s there to learn about his body and get in shape, not to be cool. Plus, Joe Budden’s girlfriend is a Zumba instructor, so maybe he’ll find “The One” in class. Just the thought of yoga pants on a thick girl makes him shudder with pleasure.

7:03 AM
But first, he’s got to get this girl out of his bed. He went on a date last night, and took her to a wonderful seafood restaurant. He ordered prawns, she ordered scallops. How divine. Drake was disappointed, however, because they had sex later that night. That now makes 56 consecutive first dates that has led to intercourse later in the evening. Sex on the first date, again. He thought this one would be different. He can’t even remember her name.

7:04 AM
He goes through her purse while she sleeps in the nude. Her name is Lorraine. How pretty. But he’s worried that her unpleasantly scented body (“too much lotion, girl,” he mutters to himself) will ruin his silkworm sheets. He coos into her ear to wake her up, and then has one of his OVO henchmen forcibly remove her from the apartment. The car that’ll take her home has a Drake goody bag full of Degrassi DVDs, a signed 8×10 photo, and a card with a fake phone number.

7:14 AM
Sends a text to Alisha. No response.

9:00 AM
Zumba was a disappointment. Given that it was a Thursday morning, he got the stay at home mom crowd. No MILFs though. He sweat through his grey velour suit, leaving an embarrassing ass-print of Drake sweat on his chair during the cool-down. The mothers giggled at the size of his butt. This will haunt him for weeks.

It’s lunchtime. Drake has really gotten into an organic way of eating based on foraging. He decides to wander outside to pick his own food from the wild. He ends up eating snow that he flavors with peach ciroc, a few twigs, and a leaf that he swears was shaped like a heart.

12:30 PM
Sends a text to Alisha. No response.

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Drake — Started From The Bottom (Music Video)

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Following his big Grammy win for “Rap Album of The Year” for Take Care (unjustly beating out NasLife Is Good), Drake releases the video for his first single off of his upcoming third album, Nothing Was The Same, “Started From The Bottom”. Directed by Director X and Drake.

Drake —Started From The Bottom

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Check out Drake‘s new single “Started From The Bottom”. Produced by OVO’s first recruit, Mike Zombie. DOWNLOAD/STREAM the track below:

DOWNLOAD: “Started From The Bottom”

5 Rappers Who Wouldn’t Fare Well In London

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England. MI6. Tinie Tempah. As a new resident of the United Kingdom—well technically, a “student visitor”—I’ve got plenty of acclimating to do. I’ve been in London for four days now, and I have yet to break out of my jet lagged, zombie-like malaise. I heard somewhere—a phrase that usually preludes information that’s usually myth or made-up—that you need one day of recovery for every hour difference in time you travel. Under that theory, I need five days to get back on my normal sleep and wellness schedule.

I’m really, really, really tired right now.

Throughout the past four days, I’ve managed to get scammed for hundreds of dollars (working with my credit card company to correct this), wander in wrong directions and find myself an hour away from home, spend a small fortune on three beers at a pub, and completely fail at buying the proper electronics to charge my Macbook and set up my iPhone service. I’d like to think that any Suburban Jersey Boy naiveté was wrung out of me after living in New York City for two years—actually, it totally has. I’m going to blame all of my mistakes on my tiredness. Can’t make functional decisions when your body thinks it’s 7 am at lunchtime.

I’m definitely not the only one who would mess up the start of a new life in a new country. In fact, I’m sure of it. Why? Because people have an inherent innocence about themselves, which leads to foolish choices based on a non-existent moral shield from the world. Basically, people fuck up when a hint of cynicism and better thinking could’ve been helpful.

If there’s ever a group of people to struggle to adapt to life in London, it’d be rappers. They have money, egos, crews, and handlers to fall back on, but that safety net can lead to some overly reckless decisions in the first place. Here are 5 Rappers Who Wouldn’t Fare Well In London.

He’d struggle with: Pounds
Congrats to Macklemore, who just landed a #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the first independently released track to nab that top spot since 2010. Considering the hook to his hit “Thrift Shop” goes “I’ve got $20 in my pocket,” and Macklemore spends his verses rapping about his thrift buys and lamenting the world of expensive designer clothing, I don’t think he’d be too fond of London’s prices. At first, everything seems super cheap—4.85 for a pint, 6.85 for laundry detergent, 15 for a Black Cab, 9 for a pie and mash—until you realize that those prices are in pounds, not dollars, and the conversion rate is almost 2 to 1. Ouch. $20 is £12.66, which would maybe buy Macklemore a set of socks at a London thrift shop.

Honorable mention for struggling with the prices in London: Consequence. His Baby Mama is unemployed, and despite riding around in a Bentley, he struggled to pay for his child’s first birthday party. I wonder when he’ll drop his first album.

He’d struggle with: Rejection
Last night was my first adventure out on the town, and I came home feeling tired and impaired. There’s a whole new world out there for a 19 year old living in a country where the drinking age is 18. Before coming to the UK, I had heard about the joys of legal pub-hopping from an NYU friend of mine. He visited some friends in London over Thanksgiving, and came back with tales of drunken debauchery. One story, however, was less than flattering. He and his group of friends were dancing at a club, and across the dance floor, there was another group of girls dancing with themselves. My friend, who was woefully underdressed compared to the proper suit and tie get-up of club-going British males, decided that he’d make he way over to those girls later in the night. A few drinks would be needed to build some confidence.

Instead, only minutes later, one of those girls took it upon herself to become an ambassador for her friends. She walked right up to my friend, and told him that she and her friends didn’t want to dance with his friends. My buddy got rejected without even asking first. It was a scaring moment, but the cut would’ve been deeper had it happened to Drake.

We’ve actually seen a similar situation happen to him:

If Aubrey was in my friend’s shoes, he would have an entire album’s worth of material to record. It’d be simp-tastic.

Hit the jump to read about the 3 remaining Rappers Who Wouldn’t Fare Well In London.